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spezzatino magazine


The food magazine that really feeds people



When Phil Caravaggio of Precision Nutrition wanted to create a small gift for donations to The Healthy Food Bank (his charity), I said “Let's do a magazine instead!”


Thankfully he indulged our small team comprising Galati Creative responsible for graphic design, photographer Jason Grenci, and writer Krista Scott-Dixon to produce Spezzatino. Every issue is an in depth look at a single ingredient or category of food, delving into history, nutrition, socio-economics, folklore, recipes and more. 

I used the art magazine as inspiration, treating the imagery with the reverence of fine art. Each issue had its own colour palette and signature ornamental font inspired by the subject matter. For each issue, we would gather with Phil, over dinner of course, to choose a subject matter and ideas for articles. Krista gathered writers and content and Jay went away and shot the most amazing imagery… every issue was a delight to see unfold. We all fell in love with every ingredient we researched. 

Every penny from subscriptions went directly to Community Food Centres Canada. Check out the link for more on this amazing charity led by Nick Saul and his amazing team.

making seniors’ lives easier, one meal at a time.

When Wiltshire Farms UK decided to grow their franchises into North America, there was a lot on the line. The UK parent office was investing heavily, and demanded success...

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