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Clanmore Montessori School


The school you wish you went to.



When Clanmore Montessori School called me in to meet with them regarding their communication platform, I was taken on a tour of the facilities.


What I observed was teachers driven by a profound caring and attention to how, where, and why each and every student learns.

It was remarkable.

We captured this intention in every element, at every touch point and created the Clanmore story around it. From the logo, to the website, to ads... even the registration forms were redesigned for clarity of purpose.

An evolutionary change that tells the story…

In 2012, Clanmore added an Adolescent or Middle School community to their existing programs for younger children.

Our logo redesign reflects this growth. The historical logo, that originally sat as a cradle or nest, we stood upright. Where there was a single gold nugget representing the child, we added a second larger gold nugget representing the older child joining the adults in nurturing and mentoring the younger children within the “prepared environment” of Clanmore.

Clanmore Montessori School master logomark

A communication system of colours and images

In addition to the reimagined logo, we developed a communication system of iconic images and unique colours for each of the three main levels of the school.

At the Preschool level, we see the Montessori binomial cube, representing the sophistication of the developing mind and its capacity to internalize complicated concepts.

The Elementary level is symbolized by pencil shavings, which represent the child’s capacity for movement and the use of ‘tools’ which extend the human capacity.

At the Middle School level, the iconic ‘blue marble’ image of earth speaks to the outward-looking nature of the educational process, and the excitement of the adolescent venturing out to make the world a better place.

The colours are used throughout; in all marketing and communication, as well as the school’s interior and exterior architecture, to distinguish the program levels.

Clanmore marketing 1-cover no background.png

“When new families walk into Clanmore, one of the first things they comment on is the fact that the school feels the way the marketing materials make it look. 

Galati Creative really took the time to learn about what makes Clanmore unique, and then to find a way to tell that story. The story is seamlessly integrated into our brochures, folders, stationery, logos, program icons, curriculum charts and the like. Thank you Carm for bringing to the surface the jewel which lay within.”

Anne Mercer, Communication Co-ordinator, Clanmore Montessori School

A nutrition coaching brand for everyone

Our relationship with PN is over a decade and a half long, building the brand from 2 enthusiastic, brilliant entrepreneurs, to being named on the Fast Companys Most Innovative Companies list in 2015…

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