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turkey hill sugarbush


The spirit of Canada... bottled.



Originally a family-owned sugarbush north of Montreal, Turkey Hill develops and sells some of the best maple syrup and maple products in the world.


In fact, in 2016, they were awarded the Golden Maple Leaf Award by the North American Maple Syrup Council and The International Maple Syrup Institute for their innovation and effectiveness in the development and marketing of high quality maple products in the North American marketplace.

Galati Creative developed the visual language for the brand, including information architecture, typography and photography style, all while keeping key historical elements intact.


Twice a year the team gathers at a trade show in Toronto or Montreal and run through product ideas and taste samples that we will be pursuing in the next year. From cello candy packs and cookie boxes, to plastic and glass syrup jugs, we have developed dozens of packs for the souvenir and gourmet markets.

In 2011, Brian Herman, one of the original owners of the company had an idea: A compact, travel-safe container for maple syrup; a squeeze tube. It sold consistently for years, but certainly not a top seller. A few years later, however, it did satisfy a particular, unique need:


In 2013, Canadian Astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield showed the world how he was able to enjoy the tastes of home with the Turkey Hill maple syrup squeeze bottle.

Turkey Hill Maple Syrup in a unique tube package

Galati Creative continues to be involved in new product development, from recognizing opportunities in the marketplace, to providing strategic council on market viability, to finding production partners for manufacturing.

For example, when Turkey Hill was having trouble with their chocolate supplier, Galati Creative recommended co-branding with the first lady of Canadian chocolate, Laura Secord. The result was an extended product line for Turkey Hill, and a new supplier of maple syrup for Laura Secord.

“I truly enjoy my business dealings with Carm. One does, when a business relationship becomes a friendship. 


Under Carms tenure, weve won 10 out of 18 major awards for quality, packaging and service. I value Carm, not only for the success and quality of his creative, but also for his ability to work as a teammate. 


Carm is that all too rare designer who actually listens and learns from the client.

Brian herman, Vice-Chair, Turkey Hill Sugarbush Ltd.

Turkey Hill Chocolate bars with maple syrup
Turkey Hill Maple syrup jugs
Turkey Hill Maple candies
Turkey Hill Maple cream chocolates

the food 
magazine that really feeds people

When Phil Caravaggio of Precision Nutrition wanted to create a small gift for donations to The Healthy Food Bank (his charity), we said “Lets do a magazine instead!” Thankfully…

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