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“Carm is a creative luminary, and our experience with him as a strategist and creative director, in one person, was nothing short of transformative. His engaging, thoughtful, and polite demeanor set the tone for collaborative brilliance. Amidst our creative challenges, Carm's wit, conceptual thinking, and strategic reasoning were a beacon of clarity. With an uncanny ability to ask the right questions, he effortlessly navigated through our ideas, crafting a brand positioning and language that were not just unique, but resonated profoundly with the entire Aduro team. Carm's impact was more than professional; it was an infusion of inspiration that revitalized our creative spirit.”

Stefanie steenhuis, Head of Brand and Marketing, Aduro Clean Technologies

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You have a story to tell. It’s in you.

Your customers experience it every day. As do your clients, investors, and employees. Every time they use your service, visit your site, or tear open your wrapper, your story is being told. 

Spezzatino magazine

They’re listening.
And making decisions.
For, or against you. 

Your logo, the words 
you use, the font on your package, even the way the menus open on your mobile app, are
all part of the story you tell your audience.

Bombardier Yardsafe

Control your story.

Dont leave anything to chance. Be deliberate. Intentional.
Use every opportunity to make a connection. 

To engage. Captivate. Endear.

Let’s build 
your story.

Book a free 45 minute call. Or, drop me a note.

Thanks for connecting!

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